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Are Fibrex windows worth the money?

Fibrex windows are a composite material that is a blend of wood and PVC materials making a strong material for window production. Fibrex windows are claimed to be two times the strength of regular vinyl windows and also around three times the cost. Fibrex windows are a product specifically produced by Windows by Anderson and range around $2400 per opening. The question is are they worth the money? There are benefits of going with Fibrex windows such as durability, and strength against large temperature fluctuations. They are tested and manufactured to be able to withstand high temperature changes. Windows by Anderson works quite a bit in Colorado and they are used to the hard elements the state undergoes. Depending on the elements and the part of the country you are located Fibrex windows could be beneficial, but some places they aren’t necessary. Are they worth the money? It very much depends on where the home is located and if it would be worth spending the extra money for the durability.

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