What does Window Replacement Cost?

You may wonder what you should expect to pay to replace windows on your home. Window replacement cost will vary based on the size of your project, size and style of the windows, material of the window frames, and glass type. Each of these criteria play an important role in determining the price for the window and installation.

For replacement windows, measure the existing window opening and the new window is placed in the existing hole in the exterior wall. Resizing windows, either decreasing the size or increasing in size, is an additional service and not included in the standard prices. Resizing existing window openings requires construction and often permits to get the job completed.

New Window Replacement Cost

Window replacement cost varies depending on the style and brand chosen
Replacement wIndow cost is dependent on many factors

Most manufacturing companies have a minimum purchase requirement. Their minimum, not unlike a typical window replacement project, is three windows. The window replacement cost on this size job would be around $2850. This would include custom, double pane windows, installation, and disposal.

All replacement windows are specifically custom manufactured for the correct opening size. There is no way to stock standard replacement windows. While this type of replacement project begins around $2800, they can go up to $90,000 depending on the number and type of windows being installed.

Cost of Vinyl Replacement Windows

Vinyl frames are considered the most cost efficient and energy efficient option for home window replacement. They are also budget friendly and low maintenance. The vinyl frame is much more durable and energy efficient than its aluminum or wood counterparts. Vinyl replacement windows cost between $800 and $1985 depending on glass strength, size, and style of window.

The factors that will affect the cost of your project most are the type of windows and the frame material. Other factors include opting for energy efficiency, window brand, and what floor of your home the windows are located. Window replacement cost is subject to many factors.

No matter your budget or aesthetic, be sure to choose an experienced installer who has worked with many manufacturers and takes time with the details of the install. HRTI – Home Remodeling Technology, Inc. has been replacing windows in the Centennial/Littleton area since 1972. Contact us today to see how HRTI can get your home more energy efficient and beautiful today!

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