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Exterior Renovation of a Littleton House

Exterior renovation can include anything from adding a pop of trim color to a full-on overhaul of siding, roof, and windows and adding a porch to anything in between. Some houses just don’t know they’re beautiful without a little renovation. The house shown below is no exception.

This 1970’s home in Littleton started with rounded garage doors, a dark stucco exterior, and a very unwelcoming block wall in front of the entrance. The transformation of this home is amazing with just a couple changes. It’s like night in to day. Before picture of an exterior renovation

The Exterior Renovation Begins

The exterior renovation of this home began with detaching the gutters and removing the stucco from the entire exterior of the house. The garage doors were taken down to the studs in order to take out the arches over the doors. Most of the concrete wall in front of the house was removed as well.

New Siding

The exterior of the home was redone with LP® SmartSide® Diamond Kote® RigidStack™ engineered wood siding on the upper half of the home. Diamond Kote® is a pre-finished building product that comes in a wide range of colors and with a ‘30-Year No Fade Warranty’. RigidStack™ has a spline that locks the individual lap boards into one another creating an extra strong bond that is 375% stronger than standard lap siding.

This engineered wood siding is designed to look beautiful year after year in extreme temperatures, heavy humidity, freeze/thaws and whatever else Mother Nature throws its way. It’s built to resist storm damage as well. The fascia and soffit installed are LP® also. All the windows were trimmed in new materials to make them stand out against the new siding as well.

Completed exterior renovation project in Littleton, CO complete with new siding and windows, painted brick, new garage door shape and doors. new entrance and portico; a whole new exterior.A Sturdy Façade

A new housing for the garage doors was framed in to give them ninety-degree angles and brand-new garage doors were installed. The lower half of the house is wrapped in a stone façade product called Versetta. This product was also used on the base of the new front entrance along the stairs leading up to the door. This gives the look of real stone without the expense and the complications of installing real stone. It goes on just like siding with virtually undetectable joints.

Update the Entrance

A new portico was erected over the front door as part of this exterior renovation. The portico has stocky cedar posts and a shingled accent on the gable. The new roof of the portico was done to match the existing roof of the house. New electrical was coordinated during installation of the siding to accommodate moving the outdoor lights on to each side of the front door and more appropriately placed next to the garage door.

Lastly a new driveway was poured, and the gutters were rehung. This exterior transformation is now complete.

HRTI has been doing the exterior renovation of neighbors’ homes in Littleton and the surrounding area since 1972. We are experts in siding installation, window replacement, roof replacement, exterior painting, stucco repair, rock façade and porticos. If you can dream it, we can make it happen.

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