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Benefits of wood and aluminum windows

Wood windows are the most traditional style of window and are found in most traditional style homes.  Wood windows are great insulation, more so than steel or aluminum windows. Wood windows can last a very long time if cared for correctly. They are a great investment in your home but they require a lot of work so they are hard to care for with the  homeowner’s busy schedules. Wood windows are the most Eco-friendly, for wood is a renewable resource.

Aluminum windows have many benefits, mentioning a few would be the carbon footprint, strength, price and durability. Aluminum windows generally save more energy every year than it took to produce them. Aluminum windows are recommended for hot climates based on the amount of energy savings. Homeowner’s heating and cooling costs reduce greatly based on the type of windows they have and aluminum windows do a great job. Aluminum windows are very durable, they won’t warp or sag in extreme temperatures giving homeowners the satisfaction for years to come. For the durability and the savings, aluminum windows won’t cost an arm and a leg. Generally, they are priced in the spectrum with other style window frames so you are able to find them at a reasonable price. Aluminum windows have one of the highest recycling rates of all windows.


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