Using Stucco as an Option For Your Exterior Siding

The front of the Highlands Ranch home complete with Pella Architect windows withLowE, Argon and Stucco.Stucco is an excellent option when doing renovations on the exterior of your home. Whether you want to repair existing stucco or replace existing siding with stucco, the options available today are colorful and long-lasting. Homes are no longer bound to adobe brown for their color palette.

HRTI uses a non-concrete stucco, that expands and contracts with the harsh Denver front-range temperatures. It withstands cracks and crumbles in a way that concrete stucco never could. This substrate can modernize the look of a home that was originally built with siding, making it look rich and unique.

HRTI and Your HOA
HRTI works with existing Home Owner Associations to comply with building standards and materials. They will do the work for you in order to be HOA compliant while creating the look and feel you desire for the exterior of your home. Contact HRTI or call us for home exterior solutions with stucco.

Advantages of Stucco
The advantages of stucco for your home’s exterior go beyond appearance. There are also practical reasons to side your house with stucco. Stucco is fire resistant, meaning it will extend the amount of time a homeowner has before a fire moves from one side of a stucco wall to the other. Studies suggest that an inch of stucco increases flame resistance by one hour, giving homeowners a chance to escape and firefighters a chance to extinguish flames.

Stucco is also more environmentally friendly than vinyl or aluminum siding. This substrate is made of natural ingredients like sand, water, lime and Portland cement. Vinyl and aluminum are man-made and not degradable like stucco.

Stucco increases the energy efficiency of both heating and cooling your home. Its seamless application provides a strong barrier to insects. It is made to expand and contract with external temperatures, so it resists cracks, adding years of beauty to your home with low maintenance. If applied well, stucco can have a lifespan of 50 years or more with little to no maintenance.

Stucco can be applied with a range of color. Color is achieved when pigment is added to the mix before it is applied to the home or building. Let HRTI work with you and your homeowner’s association to determine a stucco color that will add beauty to your home while maintaining neighborhood standards.

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