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Fiber Cement Siding

Is Fiber Cement Siding Right for You?James Hardie fiber cement siding is protecting this home

Is it time to replace the siding on your home?  If your home’s wood siding is rotting, damaged from a recent storm, and in need of replacement you are probably overwhelmed by the choices in siding.  Who knew homeowners now have to choose between natural products, manufactured products, color choices, etc, etc?  We’ve created a page with information on all different types of siding, but here we ask…Is Fiber Cement Siding Right For You?

A little background…

Fiber cement siding is quickly gaining in popularity, with James Hardie being the most popular brand. Fiber cement siding is made by combining cellulose fibers with cement. This creates a product that is moisture resistant, fire resistant, and insect proof. It is impact resistant and stands up well to severe storms. It is durable, not prone to warping or cracking and requires little to no maintenance. Fiber cement siding comes in a variety of colors and styles; anything from wood grain to brick to more modern styles.

If you choose fiber cement siding…

James Hardie Shingle Siding adorns the side of this houseInstallation of fiber cement siding is more labor intensive. This material is much heavier than other types of siding and can take longer to install. Before it is put up on the side of a home, it is also prone to breaking or cracking. If this material is installed after it has been cracked, it can leave your home vulnerable to moisture and insects thus removing many of the benefits. Anyone installing fiber cement siding needs to be very cautious when moving the materials around the worksite and during the installation process so make sure you hire qualified professionals to do the work . In most locations, after the old siding is stripped away, a vapor barrier such as Tyvek or Prime Grip, will be installed. This increases the moisture resistance and insulation of your home.

More on James Hardie…

James Hardie is by far, the most popular manufacturer of fiber cement siding. They offer a wonderful option for siding on anyone’s home. James Hardie siding comes in a wide variety of styles such as lap, cedar shingle, or panel (vertical), allowing any homeowner to find the look they want to achieve for their home. They also offer many different colors for your siding. When you choose your product and color, they apply multiple coats of paint and bake this on, allowing for a fade, chip, and crack resistant siding product. Hardie is not prone to warping or cracking and is moisture, fire, and insect resistant. James Hardie offers a 15 year warranty on color, 15 year trim warranty, and 30 year siding warranty.

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