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HRTI believes an investment in your home is an investment well spent. No matter the time period, our specialists can recommend the siding replacement material, color and style that’s best suited for your home. Re-imagine the look of your home with panel and channel fiber cement siding or cozy up with the rustic feeling of synthetic shake shingles.

HRTI installs only the highest quality brands in engineered wood siding, fiber cement siding, aluminum, vinyl, and steel siding. We are adept craftsmen with unique and specialty sidings such as Shou Sugi Ban, the Japanese fire charring technique, blue stain pinewood kill siding and custom steel siding options. Review our Projects for more on our Custom Siding Jobs. See some of our Projects

When you choose us, we will set up a free consultation and give you a no-nonsense, no-obligation estimate based on the quality materials you choose and the expertise of the craftsmen. We will help you choose from quality manufacturers such as LP SmartSide, James Hardie, Mastic Structure, Alside, and others. Once the materials are chosen it’s time for our team to go to work.

Reduce Your Energy Bills

Siding installation is good for your pocketbook too! Not only will you be improving your home’s aesthetics, but also its insulation and energy efficiency.  Replacing your siding will ultimately reduce your utility bills and increase your property value.  Furthermore, you’ll never have to paint your house again!

Contact us today to learn more or to make your appointment for a free in-home consultation.

Contact us today to learn more or to make your appointment for a free in-home consultation.


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Why use HRTI?

Siding Replacement and Installation with HRTI

Our goal is to get your home’s new siding installed quickly and efficiently with no hassle for you. You’re going to love the new look of your home. Our professional and certified installation team will replace your siding quickly and with the highest standards of quality and workmanship.

If you live in a neighborhood with an HOA, we would be happy to work with you and your HOA to be sure that the products you choose are compliant and approved.  HRTI is able to work with your insurance company for projects that include storm damage as well.

With HRTI, you will enjoy the convenience of all your exterior remodeling needs in one place.  Our services don’t stop at siding replacement. We do roofing, gutters, windows, exterior painting, and fencing also. We are your one stop shop for all your exterior renovation dreams. Our customers receive factory direct pricing and we offer financing also.


Choosing the Right Siding Materials

There are many reasons you may be considering replacing the siding on your home and contacting a local siding contractor. It could be a severe storm that caused damage to your siding. Maybe you’re tired of the constant maintenance of the wood siding on your home and you’re ready for a change. It could be that you would like a different look to your home, and one of the many choices in siding would be a welcome change.

Whatever the reason, we would love to help you. Our siding experts will come to your home and help explore all of the siding choices you have.  They can help you with the different materials, styles, colors, and types of siding so that you can find the best fit for your home and life.

A siding contractor will help you choose the right substrate for your home :

  • Engineered Wood Siding
  • Fiber Cement Siding
  • Vinyl Siding
  • Aluminum Siding
  • Steel Siding
  • Specialty Natural Wood Siding

Let’s explore the above options in more detail…


LP SmartSide – (Engineered Wood Siding)

Engineered wood siding since originally developed in the 1980s, over decades of research and modifications, has become superior to natural wood and is preferred by many homeowners. Today’s engineered wood products hold paint longer than natural wood and is 39% lighter in weight than fiber cement siding, making installation easier. It is low maintenance and designed to absorb less moisture than natural wood, making it resistant to mold, rot, and insects.

Engineered wood product installation is similar to wood and is fast and easy. Your siding contractor, HRTI, begins installation by stripping off your old siding and laying a vapor barrier. This upgrades the moisture resistance and insulation of your home. Then the trim & siding go up in your choice of colors.

We proudly offer Engineered Wood Siding by:

LP SmartSide

Engineered wood siding is one of the most durable options on the market today and is as beautiful as it is long-lasting. LP® is a leading manufacturer in Engineered Wood siding due to their proprietary manufacturing process. With LP, you get the warmth of genuine woodgrain texture and the durability of engineered wood. Every strand of wood is treated to provide complete protection against moisture, hail, insects, fungus and mold. Their SmartSide® product is one that HRTI prefers to install for our homeowners because of its top-quality manufacturing, ease of installation, and beautiful look.

SmartSide® is available in cedar texture or smooth finish and boards can be placed horizontally, vertically and diagonally to get the look you want. It is available in lap boards, panel and channel or synthetic cedar shake and comes primed for any paint color you choose. Whatever your taste and style. Siding is available in 6 inch, 8 inch and 12 inch wide planks and in 12 ft and 16 ft sections. This limits the number of seams around your home for aesthetic purposes increase energy efficiency.

LP® stands by their product, offering a 50 year warranty on substrate and a 30 year warranty on pre-painted materials.

LP® stands by their product, offering a 50 year warranty on substrate and a 30 year warranty on pre-painted materials.

While LP® SmartSide® comes primed for paint, there is a pre-painted option available as well.

Diamond Kote®

Diamond Kote® offers quality, enhanced durability, and low maintenance with a 30-year no fade warranty. Any number of color and pattern combinations are available offering limitless potential for trends and designs. There are 16  ExpertFinish® colors to choose from in themes like Minimalist, Adventurer, Dreamer, and Naturalist.

Diamond Kote® pre-finish uses metal oxide colorants as natural raw pigments. They don’t fade over time. Your siding will be vibrant and protected. The harsh UV rays cause synthetic tints to break down and fade. Diamond Kote® color stays true year after year.

LP® RigidStack® Lap Siding

RigidStack® is a pre-painted option that takes wind strength and impact resistance to a whole new level. It’s 375% stronger than standard lap siding. It can withstand hail up to 1.75 inches in diameter. It’s all due to splines that create perfect alignment and an alternate way to install the siding. There are no face nails showing with this installation process, so no holes in your siding. It’s more seamless, more weatherproof.

RigidStack comes with Diamond Kote® and the 30-year no fade warranty and the SmartSide® 50-year substrate warranty.

Learn about the many siding choices for your home and Contact Us to speak with one of our siding experts.


James Hardie – (Fiber Cement Siding)

Fiber cement siding is quickly gaining in popularity. This type of siding is made by combining cellulose fibers with cement which creates a product that is moisture resistant, fire resistant, and insect proof. It is impact resistant, stands up well to severe storms, is durable, not prone to warping or cracking and requires little to no maintenance. Fiber cement siding comes in a variety of colors and styles; anything from wood grain to brick and more modern styles.

Installation of fiber cement siding is more labor intensive than other siding choices as it is much heavier and can take longer to install. After the old siding is stripped away, your siding contractor will install a vapor barrier. This increases the home’s moisture resistance and insulation. Then, your new siding, in your choice of color combinations, gives your home its new look.

We proudly offer Fiber Cement Siding by:

James Hardie Siding

James Hardie is by far, the most well-known manufacturer of fiber cement siding. They invented fiber cement technology in the 1980s and have been continuously raising the bar in the industry ever since. Fiber cement has the look and feel of wood, but the strength and durability to stand up against the elements over decades. James Hardie siding comes in a wide variety of styles such as lap plank, shingle, vertical panel and panel and channel.

HRTI’s expertise with fiber cement siding spans all styles and aesthetics. We are adept at installing lap siding horizontally, vertically or diagonally. We keep panel and channel applications constant. We prefer James Hardie for fiber cement siding for its qualities.



They also have trim boards and soffit panels. This allows homeowners to fashion the exact look they want to achieve for their homes. It is easy to see why James Hardie remains the leader in fiber cement siding.

Stands Up to the Elements

HRTI recommends James Hardie to its customers for many reasons. James Hardie siding provides superior resistance to UV rays and hail. It also does not expand, buckle or crack when exposed to repeated precipitation and drying. All of these are important factors in the sometimes harsh, Colorado weather.


Their siding stands up against pests. It is insusceptible to birds and insects and is moisture and rot resistant. Fiber cement is also non-combustible. It will NOT ignite. Be sure to talk to your insurance agent about the fire protection and hail resistant aspects of this siding potentially lowering the cost of your homeowners’ policy.


Many beautiful looks and aesthetics can be achieved with an almost impermeable barrier to the elements with Hardie’s multiple options of styles and colors. James Hardie’s Colorplus® Technology provides greater resistance to fading, chipping and cracking which means less maintenance for you.

The siding is offered in a robust array of standard colors based on your geographic region. Should you need more options, there are over 700 shades in their Colorplus® Technology palette. It comes primed and ready for painting in the field. James Hardie offers a 15-year warranty on color, 15-year trim warranty, and 30-year siding warranty.

Mastic & Alside – (Vinyl Siding)

Vinyl siding is the most popular type of siding in the country. It is durable, cost effective, insect and rot resistant. It comes in a wide variety of colors, designs, and styles to fit the look of most homes and is virtually maintenance free. Vinyl stands up well to most storms and climates.

While there are different grades of vinyl siding, at HRTI, we prefer to only install high grade vinyl siding for our homeowners. These are thicker and will last for decades. They also allow color to set deeper in the material which prevents fading and creates more durability against severe weather.

Vinyl siding is easy and quick to install. We typically install your new siding directly over your old siding which provides additional insulation. Most siding installations take 2 days from start to finish. Our expert siding contractor crew installs vinyl more than any other type of siding.

We proudly offer vinyl siding by:

Mastic Structure Vinyl Siding

Mastic is a leading manufacturer of vinyl siding. They offer products with a variety of styles, such as lap, vertical or cedar shake, and many different colors. Our favorite product of theirs is the Mastic Structure Insulated Siding line. This product offers increased insulation for your home and is manufactured with a superior gluing method, ensuring that your siding will last for many, many years. Mastic Structure siding will add an R4 value to your home – increasing insulation and adding to the energy efficiency. They are Energy Star qualified and should help to decrease heating and cooling bills for your home.


Mastic Structure siding is a 0-maintenance product. All that’s required is a hose to keep your siding looking brand new! The foam insulation in Structure siding also provides 300% more impact resistance than traditional vinyl siding, protecting your home from hail and severe storms.

Mastic offers a limited lifetime warranty – from our experience, they have been easy to work with and handle claims quickly for our homeowners. Installation is quick and easy and is usually completed within a few days.

Alside Prodigy Siding

Alside is a leading manufacturer of home exterior products. They offer many different siding products from vinyl to steel. However, our favorite Alside product to install for our homeowners is their Prodigy insulated vinyl siding. We prefer their insulation product to many others on the market today.

Alside Prodigy Siding is backed by 1 1/2” of foam insulation, increasing the R-value of your home and providing excellent energy efficiency. R-value is a way of measuring how much resistance their is to heat flow. The higher the R-value the better when it comes to insulation and keeping your home warm.

Alside has a thicker foam insulation backing than Mastic Structure while having a higher R-value. The thicker foam is a benefit with the higher R-value, but it can also cause problems.

Thicker Foam Results

The thicker siding pushes the surface of the siding further away from the house which may cause your windows to appear recessed. In that case, we will trim out your windows to give them a seamless look. Our siding experts will be happy to talk through all the options with you, contact us here.

Two Options for Prodigy

Prodigy Siding is offered in clapboard or dutch lap siding with a natural looking wood grain. Both can be painted with one of 21 colors that are guaranteed for life. Taking care of your Prodigy Siding is easy and only requires a hose to keep it looking new forever. Alside offers a limited lifetime warranty on their Prodigy Siding.

There are many different choices in siding for your home and it can be overwhelming to make a decision. Contact us to talk with a siding expert about your project.

Alcoa – (Aluminum Siding)

Aluminum siding has stood the test of time as a popular siding choice. It is heat and fire resistant, insect and rust resistant and very low maintenance. It looks good for years and holds up well to many different types of weather. Most manufacturers offer a wide range of colors and styles to suite the taste of individual homeowners.

While there are many benefits to aluminum siding, there are some things to look out for. Aluminum siding can dent and scratch easily and is easily damaged by hail, heavy rain, and the stray baseball. While there is a wide range of colors offered, the color has been known to get a chalky look within a few years. The vinyl coated aluminum siding products are priced higher than all vinyl siding and provide less benefits.

We proudly offer aluminum siding by:


Edco – (Steel Siding)

Steel siding is another metal choice offering a few benefits over aluminum. Steel siding is typically thicker than aluminum making it more difficult to dent and scratch. It is heat and insect resistant, prone to rusting. It is important to re-paint any areas that get scratched quickly to prevent rusting.

Steel siding is more expensive material than aluminum and can have a higher installation cost due to the weight of the product and labor required for installation. Steel siding can be a wonderful alternative for certain homeowners looking for a long-lasting, heavy duty siding. The steel siding we install comes with a lifetime warranty.

We proudly offer steel siding by:

Blue Stain Pinewood Kill, Clear Cedar, Montana Timber, Shou Sugi Ban – (Specialty Natural Wood Siding)

There are many different ways to side a house with wood. HRTI specializes in natural wood siding with a focus on the extraordinary.  Set your home apart in the neighborhood utilizing custom creations with natural wood applications for your home.

Pros of Natural Wood:

  • Beautiful natural aesthetic
  • Wide variety of options for customization
  • Good insulator

Cons of Natural Wood:

  • Requires regular maintenance (staining, sealing)
  • Susceptible to rot and insect damage
  • More expensive than some other options

Blue Stain Pinewood Kill refers to pinewood, dead before its time as the result of Pine Beetle infestation. The Pine Beetle makes tunnels through the tree creating a pattern of ridges and grooves in the wood. It is then treated with a special stain that accelerates the natural weathering process, giving it a bluish-gray hue. This creates a rustic, reclaimed wood appearance.

Cedar is a naturally rot-resistant softwood known for its dimensional stability and warm color.

Clear cedar refers to unstained cedar, which weathers to a beautiful silver-gray over time with very few knots in the wood, if any.  Cedar requires less maintenance than other woods but can still benefit from periodic sealing.

Montana Timber is a custom-milled wood siding in the USA that offers a rustic aesthetic and provides excellent durability to weathering. Regular staining or painting to keep up appearances is required but otherwise can be kept clean with soap and water. Choose the wood species from Cedar, Douglas fir, or Hemlock.

Shou Sugi Ban is a Japanese technique involving charring unfinished cedar planks to create a fire-resistant, weatherproof exterior with a distinctive textured look. The charring process creates a range of colors from light brown to black. The process not only colors and textures the wood, but preserves it as well.



Siding Damage Caused by Colorado Storms?

Hail, Downed Trees and Heavy Winds and Rain Can Wreak Havoc on Your Home’s Exterior

What You Can Expect with HRTI:

  • FREE Storm Damage Inspection
  • Decades of Experience
  • Reliable Storm Damage Restoration
  • Fully Licensed and Insured
  • Insurance Claims Assistance
  • Assistance with HOA Regulations
  • Warranties Available on Work/Materials
  • Immediate Issues Addressed


Siding FAQs

What type of home siding is best for my home?

There are many types of siding for homeowners to choose from today.  The most popular types are vinyl, metal, fiber cement board, and wood.  Many of these products offer increased durability, energy efficiency, and are very low maintenance.  Our experienced sales representatives will work with you to determine the product that best meets your needs as well as fits with the style of your home.

At HTRI, we recommend a more durable product like engineered wood siding or fiber cement siding. They are both more rot resistant than wood, require less maintenance over time and less susceptible to storm damage than vinyl or metal siding.

Why Should I choose HRTI for my home siding project?

HRTI is your direct link to the major manufacturers of siding and insulation products.  There is never any pressure to make hasty decisions; our professional sales representatives will work with you to decide which products are right for you and your home.  We provide the specifics on each product available, allowing you to make an informed decision right in the comfort of your own home.

When you decide on the type, color, and style of siding, our certified installation team will be there to complete your project.  We pride ourselves on communication and customer satisfaction. We also offer financing through Wells Fargo bank and can help you work with your insurance company in the event of damage to your existing siding.

What other services can HRTI provide?

HRTI can provide you with professional consulting when it comes to choosing your siding, accurately measuring your home, and installing your new home siding.  We will ensure that your siding project is completed from start to finish with the highest level of quality and service.  We can also offer windows and doors, roofing, stucco, exterior painting and other construction plans to complete your home exterior project.


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