Service Expectations

Service expectations will differ with each service offered. What may be true with a painting service will not be the same with getting your roof replaced.We look forward to working with you to complete your vision for your home. This document has been created to provide answers to many frequently asked questions. Please note that your project may include one or more of the following business lines. As always feel free to reach out to your project coordinator with any additional questions.

Timing of your project– These are unprecedented times! Delivery of materials has slowed to a trickle. What used to take 1-2 weeks to deliver has now moved in certain cases to 4 plus months and this is irrespective of suppliers. As it is in the best interest for both parties, we have every intention to complete your project as quickly as possible. Please remember many of these aspects are well outside of our control. We promise to supply relevant updates as we receive them.

Project coordinator Communication is best using email!!! Written communication minimizes misses! “Super Star” Bonnie Denton- Bonnie has been with HRTI for over 10 years and brings a plethora of experience to the table. Bonnie spends a lot of time with her granddaughters and loves the outdoors with her husband James.

For all projects – Our crew leaders will walk with you at the start of your project and again at completion for their phase of the work to be done. This will require you are able to meet with them before starting and on completion.

Pets – Please make sure pets are secured while our crews are on your property for your pet’s safety. We will make a concerted effort to ensure all gates and doors are closed and hazardous materials are secured, however, ultimately pets are the responsibility of their owner. It is important that you check all areas that would be a concern for your pet before letting them outside or into the areas we are working on.

Preferred order of installation– Our preferred order of installation below comes from years of experience which allows us to work towards the best possible outcomes for your home. Please note we will occasionally suggest an alternate schedule for various reasons.

1. Roofing (this can be moved easily if needed)

2. Windows

3. Siding

4. Paint

5. Concrete, and fences and other lines of work can typically be scheduled as needed.

Service expectations for each above offering

1. Roofing We will confirm colors/shingles with you prior to ordering product.

a. A roofing permit is always required-we will acquire the permit and email it to you. Please post this in a visible and accessible location for the building inspector. The cost of the permit will be added to your project total. If you are going through insurance, we will request supplement for you with your insurance to help with this cost.

b. Materials will either be roof-loaded via conveyer or ground loaded depending on your existing roof type. We will let you know when materials are to be delivered so you may allow access. The Roofing supplier may require a signature for their truck to access your driveway prior to roof loading. If we are ground loading your shingles, you may want to move automobiles from the garage as access may not be possible.

c. Roof tear-off can be messy and noisy. We do our best to be careful but please make sure you have moved items away from the perimeter of your home to avoid damage. If not possible to move them, we will place covers.

d. Some roofs require a mid-roof inspection while others only need a final inspection. We will take care of scheduling inspections, placing a ladder, and providing you with a copy of the results.

2. Windows We are happy to provide “order sheets” prior to order upon request

a. We collect preliminary sizing for your scope but will need to send the installer to your home for exact measurements. Our office will be in touch to schedule a convenient time for you.

b. Once we have the measurements, the windows are ordered. Note that there may be a need to confirm details with you before ordering. Once the product is ordered, customer agrees to pay for product even if they decide not to move forward with the install.

c. Depending on the manufacturer and window specs, it can take 6-8 weeks and sometimes longer for the windows to come in. With COVID, these timelines have been extended.

d. We will not schedule an installation until our distributor has confirmed all items are in. We will contact you to schedule the installation at that time.

e. We ask that you move items 2-3 feet away from window openings in preparation for the installation. Additionally, remove window coverings unless you have requested that HRTI do so for an additional charge.

f. Installers do not clean windows.

g. Installers will arrive at your home by mid-morning on average. They must wait in line at the distributor, so it is difficult to provide an exact time.

h. Any defects discovered by the installation crew will be noted and forwarded to our office where they are reported to the manufacturer as a warranty.

i. Timing of warranty items-typically we see the timing for warranty items taking as long or longer than the initial order time of your windows to be fulfilled. We endeavor to keep you posted during the wait.

j. Permit – cost passed directly to customer if requested.

3. Siding

a. Our office will ask you to confirm colors before the siding is ordered.

b. Once the product is ordered, the customer agrees to pay for product even if they decide not to move forward with the install.

c. Depending on the manufacturer and siding specs, it can take 6-8 weeks or sometimes longer for the materials to come in. Please be aware that if we are waiting on windows, it may affect the timing of your project.

d. We will not schedule an installation until our distributor has confirmed all items are in.e. We ask that you remove items from exterior walls, both inside and out to avoid possible breakage during install.

f. Crew leader will bring their trailer and tools a day or so ahead of time.

g. Dumpsters are placed for siding installation. Please let us know if you have preference on placement. Note that dumpsters are ordered through a third party and not under the control or responsibility of HRTI. However, we do coordinate the placement and pick-up.

h. Materials are also delivered at the beginning of your project and will need an area for placement.

i. Permit – cost passed directly to customer if requested.

j. Exclusion – HRTI is not responsible for unmarked internet/phone lines.

4. Fencing

a. We will reach out to you with installation timing.

b. We will order utilities locate with the free service 811 about a week before your scheduled install.

c. Exclusion – HRTI is not responsible for unmarked internet/phone lines.

5. Paint

a. Our crew leaders will confirm colors with you before starting your project.

b. They will start with a power wash, follow with any carpentry work, and then finish up with paint.

c. Keep in mind that weather plays an important factor and may cause us to delay starting if needed.

d. Painters will pick up the paint colors requested by the customer and are able to do a color match if needed.

e. Our crew leader will perform a walk around at the completion of the project. This is a great time to suggest anything you may want touched up.

6. Gutters, Concrete, Posts/Beams

a. These phases are done in coordination with the overall project and are a bit more fluid. You will receive email updates from our office on status, scheduling and to answer any questions you may have.

7. Light Carpentry/general Construction/Fencing

a. Keep in mind different types of wood may be utilized in multiple aspects of your projects. While we always attempt to find the best wood for your project, knots will likely be present as well as natural flaws and even occasionally mechanical flaws which are outside of our control. These features add to the natural feel and beauty associated with using natural materials.

Please note that we provide ACH payments through links that Bonnie will email at the appropriate times. We can also accept check(s) if you prefer. Visa and Mastercard payments can be called into Bonnie and would incur a 3% convenience fee. Prompt payment is of course always appreciated and is incredibly important to our small business! Any billing that ages past 14 days will accumulate 1.5% per month interest.

In closing, we are excited to work with you! It bears repeating that timing of a lot of the delivery aspects are outside of our control. We promise to supply updates as we receive them. You may call as frequently as you would like, but we can only provide the updates as they are provided to us. Thank you for the opportunity!!!


The HRTI Crew!

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