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Replacement Window Styles

There are many different replacement window styles to choose from when updating the look of your home. Below you’ll find details on different styles of windows; each with its own benefits and purpose. The below article is for Simonton windows specifically, however, these replacement window styles are the same for all brands and types of windows (wood, vinyl, etc.).

Choose your operating style.

With Simonton® windows and doors you can choose from a variety of window shapes and operating styles to complement your home’s architecture and style. Whether you want a classic Double Hung or something more contemporary, Simonton® has just the replacement window style you need that functions just the way you want it to.

Picture window replacement window stylePicture

Picture windows are the most energy efficient style available and are fixed – with no movable sash. Choose this style when you want to illuminate a room or provide an unobstructed view.

  • Use alone or in conjunction with other styles
  • Combine with a Double Hung or Casement for ventilation while adding character to your home

Awning style windowAwning

A top-hinged window, also called an Awning, swings outward for ventilation. Create a striking look by using multiple Awnings in both vertical and horizontal mulled configurations.

  • Create a contemporary wall of light with a multi-unit Awning design
  • Streamlined crank handle easily opens and closes Awning windows
  • Corrosion-resistant* hardware provides a lifetime of smooth operation.

Popular replacement window styles are the double hung window that opens from both the top and the bottomDouble Hung

For a timeless look in replacement window styles, choose the Double Hung, which is popular in Victorian, Craftsman and Colonial architecture. Both sash on Double Hung windows slide up and down vertically.

  • The exclusive Simonton Sill® is triple-stepped and sloped to move water quickly away from your home and to help prevent air infiltration
  • Tilt-in/lift-out sash makes cleaning easy from the inside
  • The easy-glide sash and balance system allow the sash to raise and lower with ease
  • Simonton’s patented Lap-Lok® meeting rail helps provide a tight seal for protection against the elements and increased energy efficiency
  • Unique Denny Clip™ pivot system keeps sash in perfect alignment for easy operation

Different geometric shapes of windows like a half roundGeometric Replacement Window Styles

Customize the look of your home with a stunning Geometric window. The dramatic options provide a contemporary look that will enhance any home.

  • Select from a variety of optional grid patterns to create a unique look
  • Available styles in Half-round, Quarter-round, Eyebrow, Circle, Octagon, Trapezoid, Pentagon and Hexagon

Bay windowBay

Open up your home and bring the outside in with the addition of a Bay window. The dramatic look of a Bay creates a special nook and adds dimension to any room.

  • Bay windows feature either Double Hung or Casement windows on each side of a center Picture window
  • Available in either 30- or 45-degree angles
  • Ideal for larger openings
  • Head and seat boards in oak or birch veneer can be painted or stained to match the interior of your home
  • Insulated seat boards provide increased thermal efficiency

Slider windowSlider

Slider windows glide horizontally from side to side. Available in a 2- or 3-lite configuration, 3-lite Sliders have operable end vents. They are perfect for replacing large Picture windows to gain ventilation.

  • Corrosion-resistant* rollers and roller track provide a lifetime of easy operation
  • Interlocking meeting stiles create a tight seal against the elements
  • Lift-out sash can be removed for easy cleaning and maintenance

Garden windowGarden

A Garden Window can bring a little bit of the outdoors in year-round.

  • Two side windows can be opened or closed with the simple turn of a crank
  • Seat boards are available in white pine laminate or wood veneer in either oak or birch and can be painted or stained
  • Top-sloping insulating glass unit tempered for breakage resistance
  • Sill cover resists water penetration
  • Multi-point, single-lever locking system for added security
  • Corrosion-resistant* hardware provides a lifetime of smooth operation

Patio doorPatio Door

Redefine your living space with a Impressions 9800 Patio Door. Large glass areas open up a room while allowing easy access to the outside.

  • Fusion-welded panel provides strength and thermal efficiency
  • Double-strength tempered glass for increased safety
  • Corrosion-resistant* rollers allow door to open and close smoothly
  • Color-coordinated handle options to match your style
  • Exterior keyed lock for maximum security
  • Foot bolt for partial ventilation
  • Sidelites and transoms available for added light and character

Casement windowCasement

The Casement features a hinged sash that opens outward. If you are looking for optimum ventilation and a wide-open view, the Casement is the perfect choice. Casements are the second most energy-efficient style available for your home.

  • Casements crank outward for maximum ventilation and easy cleaning
  • Optional folding crank handle allows for easy and convenient operation
  • Advanced locking system secures sash at multiple points with one, easy-to-use handle

Bow windowBow

A Bow window features windows mulled at 10-degree angles, which creates a rounded, more circular appearance than a bay.

  • Bow windows feature 3-, 4- or 5-unit designs
  • Equal-sized Double Hung or Casement windows can be used to create a Bow window with excellent ventilation
  • Ideal for large window openings
  • Head and seat boards in oak or birch veneer can be painted or stained to match the interior of your home
  • Insulated seat boards provide increased thermal efficiency

Garden doorsGarden Door

With a Garden Door you can create an elegant entryway for your home and achieve a greater sense of security.

  • Continuous, fixed-geared hinge eliminates panel sag and increases weatherability
  • Thick, high-performance weather-stripping
  • 7/8-inch tempered insulating glass unit for greater thermal efficiency
  • Available in center-hinge and French-hinge styles that swing in or out
  • Solid brass handle with center bolt and keyed lock for increased safety
  • Available with a white or tan interior and exterior

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