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Replacement Window Brands

Our Favorite Window Brands

At HRTI we prefer industry-leading (and award winning) replacement window brands. Among the numerous options available, we highly recommend a few selected options for homeowners. We prefer these windows because of their exceptional quality, appealing aesthetics, energy efficiency, and durability.

Don’t buy cheap windows that will need replacing in 5-10 years. It’s not worth the initial savings. They won’t give you the same return on your investment as good quality windows will.

An energy efficient window will keep down your heating and cooling bills. HRTI won’t install windows of lesser quality on our own homes, and we don’t believe in putting them in our customer’s homes either.

These replacement window brands are highly ranked, but we also work with distributors who offer other top-quality options. If you have a favorite brand that is not on our list, please let us know. We will make every effort to accommodate your preferences. The market boasts a variety of exceptional brands.

There are several replacement window brands to choose from when you replace your windows

HRTI’s Top Window Picks:

  • Pella – Well known for its premium quality and energy efficiency, Pella’s windows boast the lowest moisture content among wood windows, minimizing warping and cracking. All Pella windows are covered by a lifetime warranty.
  • Sierra Pacific – Emphasizing sustainability, Sierra Pacific specializes in distinctive window designs such as bi-fold, multi-slide, and uniquely shaped windows. Their offerings span various materials, each featuring powder coating.
  • Simonton – Our focus is on Simonton’s Reflections 5500 series due to its exceptional quality, energy efficiency, and robustness. These vinyl windows have argon gas filling and a Low-E glass coating for added performance.
  • Sunrise – Responsibly sourced and handcrafted in the USA, Sunrise Windows come with a lifetime, transferable, non-prorated warranty. The company received an EnergyStar award, acknowledging its commitment to green practices.
  • Weathershield – Offers a special window experience for customers who want a custom window with a high-quality appearance. These windows are tailored for the clients with a more discriminating taste.
  • Western Window Systems – Innovating alternatives with disappearing glass walls, open corner sliding glass doors, and lightweight aluminum-framed glass walls.

Read the J.D. Power Special Report: Simonton Ranks Highest for a Fourth Consecutive Year in Customer Satisfaction

What’s Special About These Window Brands?

At HRTI, we suggest Energy Star rated windows with Low-E glass coatings for maximum energy efficiency. Low-E glass, or low emissivity glass, minimizes the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that can pass through. Each of these manufacturers features Low-E glass. Additionally, you can clean most of these windows from inside your house, which makes life a little easier.

We ensure the windows we order are custom made to fit your existing window opening or to fit new construction. We offer a wide selection of famous brands for you to choose from. This allows you to mix and match window types to meet the requirements of your HOA or historical regulations.

How Can We Assist You?

Our consultants can help you find the perfect window type for your home, matching its style, size, and space. We are here to guide you toward the optimal decision for your project. Schedule a free consultation with one of our experts specializing in replacement window brands.

Want to learn more about the differences in window styles? Unsure whether double-hung, single-hung, or casement windows suit your needs? Check out our page on window styles to learn more!

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