We Love to Give Back

We at HRTI are dedicated to helping our community in any way we can. We feel that contributing our volunteer hours and donating to causes that help others to live better lives is a necessary part of being a community.  We are proud to support the organizations listed below.  Check them out to find out more information and feel free to contact us if you’d like to know how you can help.
HRTI philanthropy is local and community based.


Cherry Creek High School Sports

HRTI proudly backs Cherry Creek High School’s sports teams and extra-curricular activities. As staunch supporters of the CCHS baseball team, we’re thrilled to cheer on the BRUINS! Additionally, we advocate for providing a safe and enjoyable environment for post-prom celebrations with After Prom.
HRTI sponsors Cherry Creek High School baseball.


Swim Team for Homestead and Willow Creek

HRTI is a proud sponsor of local neighborhood summer swim teams, like Homestead and Willow Creek. This initiative helps to keep young swimmers active and healthy throughout the summer when school teams are on break, providing them with valuable practice to maintain their fitness for the school year ahead.
HRTI sponsors local community and neighborhood swim teams.


Homestead School Sponsor

HRTI is honored to partner with Homestead Elementary School’s Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) every year.  Their dedication is instrumental in supporting the school’s annual fundraising goals. These efforts ensure essential resources are available throughout the school year, directly benefiting the students’ learning environment.
HRTI sponsors Homestead Elementary School's Parent-Teacher Organization every year.

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