Impact Resistant Roofing Benefits

Impact resistant roofing is a common idea placed in a homeowner’s head when they are roof shopping. Impact resistant (IR) shingles have a net backing to the shingles, generating a barrier that helps prevent damage to the roofing if major storms should occur. This product is very beneficial to places that see a lot of wind and hail. The shingles of a roof have small rocks on them that deflect rays from the sun to protect the roof of the house and to be more energy efficient. Hail or other types of storms can cause damage to those rocks, knocking them loose or removing them all together. Impact resistant roofing would be more effective in this instance to help stop the rocks being knocked out of place by adding some buffering causing impacts from debris to do less damage. Impact resistant roofing is available in many types of material also, but they are most common with asphalt shingles. Depending on the material adding the impact resistant aid can make the roofing very heavy. This would be an important consideration when purchasing an already strong material such as concrete roofing.

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