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Project Details:

HRTI is adept in painting and staining a range of house exteriors. These images represent houses across the Denver Metro area whose owners trusted and partnered with HRTI to increase the value and aesthetic appeal of their biggest investments, their homes. The first step in any painting job is preparing your surface. Stucco may have chips or cracks requiring attention. We examine and repair wood siding, trim and fascia to ensure the best possible outcome for the painted finish on your home. It’s all about attention to the details for us in the prep work. It lays the foundation for an amazing paint job.

We carry that attention to detail on the prep work through to painting and staining, being mindful of the intricate details on historic Victorian homes and to accentuate the channels on panel and channel siding. Each of these styles requires a careful eye and a steady hand. Other exterior surfaces, like concrete, brick, garage doors, wooden beams, wooden accents, stained siding, gutters and doors also receive equal consideration for prep and painting. Every painting project is our most important, as it’s the most important to you.

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