Benefits of Using RigidStack Siding

HRTI’s engineered wood siding of choice is RigidStack™ by LP® SmartSide® with DiamondKote® finish. There are many benefits of using RigidStack siding. These benefits are stacked on top of the benefits you get when using LP® SmartSide® siding and DiamondKote®.

LP® SmartSide® is treated with a special process to withstand extreme temperatures, humidity, and freeze and thaw cycles. It is perfect for Colorado’s unpredictable weather. LP® SmartSide® is available with DiamondKote® finish, an advanced paint technology using pure metal oxide colorants extracted from rocks.

DiamondKote® won’t fade over time and, in fact, comes with a 30-year warranty against fading. There are over twenty-five colors to choose from and three different widths of their lap board. There are six, eight, or twelve inch boards to consider for your particular aesthetic. They also have shake and trim to complete the look. Don’t see the color you like? DiamondKote® has custom color options as well.

RigidStack™ is another option to consider for LP® SmartSide® with DiamondKote® finish. RigidStack™ siding installs stronger than standard siding. It is designed with a spline and used to stack and lock together the boards for maximum performance. There are two textures to choose from, woodgrain and smooth. There are many benefits of using RigidStack siding. It is impact-resistant and extremely strong, withstanding hail up to 1.75 inches in diameter.

RigidStack™ installs beautifully and there are multiple benefits of using RigidStack™ siding.

Benefits of Using RigidStack Siding

  • Smooth lines. It eliminates the need for occasional face nails which may lead to leaks and moisture in your facade. Face nails are sometimes required when siding isn’t sitting correctly, studs aren’t perfectly straight, or there are uneven areas of your Celotex substrate. Celotex is the sheathing placed underneath the siding and used as insulation.
  • Straighter lines on the installation of your lap boards
  • Ensuring each board is the same height
  • Finer lines are created between boards
  • Two boards meeting on the same stud is eliminated

When crews don’t use RigidStack™, even on quality installs, you will see that siding crews require face nails on occasion. The most common area requiring face nails are in gables where the siding is cut at an angle leaving the bottom edge in a triangular shape and unsecured. On the top, the nail is 3/4 of an inch from the top of the board and the rest of the board is flopping around. It’s not secured to anything. This is a problem for leakage and stability.

RigidStack™ ensures none of these issues are ever possible and ensures boards are secured both at the top with a nail and at the bottom to the next board with the RigidStack™ fin. With all the benefits of using RigidStack siding on your home, we highly recommend it. At HRTI, we are big believers in RigidStack™ by LP® SmartSide® with DiamondKote® finish and it shows in our installs.

Pride of home ownership is a universal dream shared by many Americans and a good-looking house with excellent curb appeal is important. A house is only as pretty as the clothes it’s wearing, so to speak, or the siding on its frame. Whether it’s brick, stone, or board; it’s crucial it be well maintained. An excellent choice in clothing for a home is engineered wood siding by LP® SmartSide®.

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