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Siding installers are usually paid for each l00 square feet of siding installed, which will include sheathing insulation under the siding.

Once again, the prices are based on average installations from East coast to West coast. On houses with bay windows, dormers and high gables, or if scaffolding is required on the entire job, you will need to add about 30% to the average price.

Vinyl siding is less expensive to install than aluminum or steel siding because less equipment is needed to do the job.

Vinyl siding with insulation, is approximately $100 per hundred square feet, if the installer lives in the area and does not have to travel. In rural areas where installers must travel, you should add 20% for every l00 miles the workman must travel, plus motel expenses.

Steel and aluminum siding, under the same conditions, will average $20 per hundred square feet more than vinyl.

The average l500 square foot home should take two workmen about 3-4 days to complete. A good installer is worth every dollar he earns. Installation for the average l500 square foot home is approximately $l,500 for vinyl siding and $l,800 for steel and aluminum siding. Soffit and Fascia installation is approximately $3.25 per lineal foot.

Remember, these are average prices and could vary l0%-20% plus or minus, depending on the area. It should also be noted that these prices are for very experienced siding installers, and Home Remodeling Technology, Inc. will help you locate the very best installer for you. This can be done through our web site by clicking on the installer list for your area.


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